Holiday (Adura's You're a Daisy if You Do)

Holiday (Adura's You're a Daisy if You Do)

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Holiday's pedigree

Great Master Of Angela White KR
aka: aka: 'Master' 
reg: ROK ML-14-022114
& AKC TS296177/01
DNA: #V793734

w: 2014-10-27 litter: >=3
COI = 0.0%, ALC = 100.0%
Delight Mine's Great Dipper
aka: aka: 'GD' pn: 6/ 7 
reg: ROK ML-12-018791
chip: 410 0900 6000 3305

w: 2011-07-09
COI = 0.0%, ALC = 93.5%
kr CH
Delight Mine's Mon Koolmec
reg: ROK ML-07-011719
us CH
MaltAngel Richelieu's Image
Misty Valley's It's My Turn
kr CH
Sweet Birth JP's Catch The Dream
reg: JKC ML-009117/09
& ROK ML-11-017025
Straight Fire Playing To Win
Sweet Birth JP's Girls Girl
Master Piece Of Angela White KR
aka: aka: 'Piece' pn: 3/ 5 
reg: ROK ML-12-019018
w: 2011-08-06
COI = 0.0%, ALC = 96.7%
kr CH
Volton Of Angela White KR
reg: ROK ML-08-013506
Superman Of Tinkerbell White
kr CH
Viennese Waltz Of Snow County KR
Jane Of Angela White KR
reg: ROK ML-08-013727
David Of Crystal Village
Kamella Of Angela White KR
us CH
Mon'Esta's Glory Daze
aka: aka: 'Daisy' 
reg: AKC TS087615/05
w: 2011-11-28 litter: >=5
COI = 3.1%, ALC = 82.3%
us CH
Rhapsody's Baybreeze Smart Alec
aka: aka: 'Alex' pn: 17/31 
reg: AKC TR585808/01 10-08
w: 2007-08-29
COI = 0.2%, ALC = 80.6%
Rhapsody's Smart Remark
CruftVW 2014
reg: AKC TR449375/02 04-07
& SLR ML-000560
DNA: #V461991
Divine's Marc Of Friendship At Delcost
WW 2007; CruftBOB 2006; ROM #339
us CH
Rhapsody's Calamity Jane
ROMX #14
us CH
Chrisman's Shocked Silly
ROMX #16
reg: AKC TP307133/01 06-04
us CH
Chrisman's Sugar Shock
Chrisman's Lucky Star
us CH
Mon'Esta's Glory Hallelujah
aka: pn: 4/ 6 
reg: AKC TR700740/03
w: 2007-10-17 litter: >=5
COI = 0.4%, ALC = 88.7%
us CH
MaltAngel Rejoice And Be Glad
reg: AKC TR377275/01
us CH
Divine's Just For Keeps
ROMX #11
us CH
MaltAngel I Will Rejoice
ROMX #10
us CH
Mon'Esta's Pretty In White
reg: AKC TR216760/03
White Field Here Comes Trouble
us CH
Mon'Esta's Petite Jeune Fille