If you are interested in obtaining one of our dogs, please fill out a questionnaire first. It is our introduction to you and allows us to initially determine if we have a dog that will fit your needs. 

If you decide to reserve a puppy, we require a $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit. Your deposit holds the dog for you and prevents them from being offered to anyone else. 

As responsible, preservation breeders we have a contract. It sets out several issues, including health guarantee, re-homing, general care, and the penalty for breach. Since we care greatly about our dogs for their entire lives, no dog is placed without one. 

Costs of a new puppy include compensation for the puppy, vet fee for spay/neuter, the microchip insertion, and $30 AKC registration certificate transfer fee, all of which must be paid for in full before the puppy leaves. Any travel costs you incur are your responsibility. I have a list of supplies, foods, and grooming products that I send to new owners to assist in preparing for their new family member that will provide a starting point for you.

We want to remind people that the price of a puppy includes more than just the physical puppy we place in your care. The price of a puppy includes some of the costs incurred to raise that puppy to be ready to go to your home, like puppy vaccinations (except rabies), worming protocol, the initial vet visits and any extra expenses attributable to mom's care as she cares for her babies.  It also includes other things you don't see a receipt for, such as our blood, sweat, and tears in caring for the parents (at least mom and the stud fee if we do not own dad), our expertise in the breed, genetics, structure, socialization, and health issues common in Maltese. Other factors that are critical but can't be put on an invoice are; research and evaluation of the potential parents, including pedigree research before the breeding, ensuring a healthy pregnancy for mom and healthy puppies delivered, a safe and successful whelping, or, if required, a surgical delivery to protect the health of mom and babies, and then raising a happy, healthy puppy that you want joining your family. We at Angel Bay Maltese are preservation breeders committed to ensuring the health and hardiness of the breed for future generations to enjoy. This requires more than a girl and a boy dog capable of reproducing. It takes time, money, and dedication from a breeder and cannot easily be translated into a line item on a bill.  

If you are only interested in a cute puppy at a low price, we are not your breeders.  Our puppies are family members who regularly induce tears from us when they leave for new homes. We do not take this responsibility lightly. References come in the form of our puppies already with their new families. They are evidence of the care and dedication we have to create a loving dog that is a joy to look at, a treasure to be owned by, and inspires love and appreciation for Maltese that can last generations.  We are proud to be American Maltese Association and AKC Breeder of Merit breeders of purebred Maltese. And it shows.