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    Paris receiving winners bitch, best of winners, best owner-handled.

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    Paris wins 2nd place in Bred by Exhibitor class.

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Welcome to Adura Maltese! We are glad you are here!

 I am a small preservation breeder striving to preserve and protect this marvelous breed. I breed for show quality dogs that I believe meet the standard and who are strong representatives of this breed to keep the breed healthy and gorgeous for generations to come. Since not all puppies meet my strict standards for being shown and kept as dams and sires, I do occasionally have beautiful, healthy puppies available to approved homes.

Although I breed for show quality Maltese, not all puppies meet my standards for being shown. However, they are marvelous companions and family pets. "Pet" puppies are placed in loving, approved homes who are dedicated to the health, happiness and well being of the puppy for its entire life. 

Our dogs are conformation, obedience and agility champions, and some of them are all three! I am very proud to have bred several dogs with titles both before and after their names!

As a proud member of the American Maltese Association I abide by their Code of Ethics. Two central provisions of the Code are 1. all pets are placed with a spay/neuter contract, and 2. they must not leave the breeder until they are at least 12 weeks of age. Additionally, I follow the vaccine protocol set out by Dr. Jean Dodds and give my puppies their intial vaccination at 10 weeks. It is generally accepted that puppies should not be exposed to outside environments until a week after their second shot. You can still take a puppy out and about, just don't let him or her be on the ground. Since Maltese puppies are still so small at 12 weeks of age and at risk for so many things, my puppies do not leave here until they have had their 2nd shot at 14 weeks of age. This is soley for the safety of the puppy and ensuring a good and healthy start, which is best for new puppy parents as well!   


Please contact me if you are interested in our dogs, our puppies, our retirees or our program. More photos, videos and information on our Facebook Page - Adura Maltese!


Adura (the word for "adorable" in the Maltese language) Maltese

Adura Maltese supports and participates in AKC DNA Testing 

Adura Maltese supports and participates in the OFA and CHIC programs 

 Proud member of the American Maltese Association since 2001