After showing Arabian horses for several years, my focus changed to dogs. While shopping one day I came upon a book with a photograph of a beautiful Maltese in full special's coat on the cover.

I was in love and hooked.  That was in 2000.

Since then I have owned and co-owned several Multiple Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show dogs, a rescue boy who was the love of my life, and many wonderful "kids" in between. After several years of study and hands-on experience, I am a very small breeder of happy, healthy, pure-bred Maltese located in the Dalllas/Ft Worth area in Texas. All my dogs live in my house with me, underfoot (much to the chagrin of my grown sons), and are spoiled as rotten as I can get them. 

My goal in breeding is to produce the most correct, healthy and outgoing Maltese I can. The dogs and bitches in my breeding program are health screened, shown to their AKC Championships, and have exceptional pedigrees. They are chosen as parents for future generations based foremost on their structure, temperament and health. Gorgeous white silk coats, jet black pigment and beautiful faces are the icing on the cake! 

I would not be privileged to be breeding future generations of adorable Maltese if not for those dedicated and generous breeders who have paved the way before me. I especially give my heartfelt thanks to Tonia Holibaugh of Rhapsody Maltese, Szilvia Grof of Marquess Maltese and Vicki Abbott of Syclla Maltese.